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"Windows Vista and Windows 7 "

The latest operating system from Microsoft is Windows 7. This is a nice product and most people like it. It can be thought of as Vista with all the bugs fixed and many annoyances removed. If you buy a new computer with Windows 7 you should be pleased.

However, there is not any easy way to upgrade from Windows XP. What Microsoft expect you to do if you have an XP computer is wipe your hard disk clean; install windows 7; and then re-install all your old programs again; and then restore all your old data from backup CDs etc. A great deal of hard work and no guarantee of success. Although Windows 7 is prettier and it does have some cute gimmicks, there are no great advantages over XP to make upgrading essential. Our advice is that if you have XP, stay with it.

It is a different story if you are using Windows Vista. In this case you can simpy install Windows 7 as an upgrade and retain all your existing programs. And since Windows 7 is rated as being much nicer than Vista, it is a good idea to upgrade.

ABC6 and Vista or Windows 7,8,10.

ABC6 is designed to work under XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8, 10. Windows 10 security system is much more complicated, and if you have things set wrong it can prevent programs from installing or running. Also, if one person installs the software, others may find they cannot use it. (eg. choose install for all users).

We are gradually learning all the quirks of Windows 10 and can advise if you have problems.

ABC5 (DOS) and Vista or Windows 7,8,10.

The 64bit version of Windows will NOT run DOS programs like ABC5 and NEVER will.

The 32bit version "should" run ABC5, but not in full-screen mode. This is due to a problem with some Vista screen drivers. Microsoft's website suggests a workaround by installing Windows XP drivers for your video adapter. Many ABC5 users have encountered this problem and most have given up trying to work around it.

Vista, Windows 7 (and all future versions of Windows) do not like DOS programs. You can run 3rd party DOS emulation programs if you really need to continue with old DOS software like ABC5. But as computers have got faster and bigger, DOS programs are being left further and further behind because they cannot use more than a tiny fraction of the memory and power of the system. It really is time to upgrade to proper Windows software like ABC6 if you possibly can.

Networks -- if your new Vista workstation cannot "see" mapped drives on your network, it is probably due to the security system. In particular Windows 7,8,10 does not like you to share the root directory of the server. Rather than turn off the security system, we have found the following solution:
Create a folder on your server, eg C:\ABC_BASE and share it.
Map this folder as a drive letter (eg F:)
Do this mapping on both the server and the workstations.
Now install ABC6 on the server, onto Drive F (or whatever). You will end up with a folder structure on the server hard disk of: C:\ABC_BASE\ABC6

Both Windows 7,8,10 and ABC6 seem happy with this, and it is less of a security risk than sharing the root drive.

Help Files -- Vista did not include support for the widely used "old" Help Files (.hlp). Microsoft wants everyone to use the new (much bigger and slower) HTML Help System. You can download a program called WinHlp32.exe from the Microsoft Download Center, and install it on your computer. Then Vista can use any Help files.