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Support Tools

Utility programs that may be useful in diagnosing or fixing problems.

No warranty is offered or liability accepted for use of these programs.

Check Drives

This utility will check all drives on your system from A to Z, and report on what it finds. It cannot harm your computer and is safe to use at any time. Click here to download.

Check Internet and websites

This utility provides some tests to check your connection to the internet and to ABC and HMRC websites. It cannot harm your computer and is safe to use at any time. (updated Feb 2018 for new Government Gateway). Click here to download.

Install MAPI

Versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10 may not include the Microsoft MAPI file (required for sending emails from ABC). To save you locating it and downloading from Microsoft this utility will install and register MSMAPI32.ocx on your computer. (Win 7, 8 or 10 only). If you have a network system you may need to run this on each WorkStation. Click here to download.

Replace ABC updater

This will replace the little ABC updater program (that runs when you start up ABC to check if a newer version is available). Click here to download.

Replace ABC VAT Online

This will update the ABC program for sending VAT Returns Online to HMRC. Required from 14th February 2018 because the old Government Gateway URL was switched off and only the new URL will work. Click here to download.

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