ABC Support

Getting the best from your ABC software

We offer a range of After Sales support options that meet varying needs and levels of expertise.
If you are a hobbyist with lots of spare time, or an experienced computer user/bookkeeper, the free User Forum and the free email support may be all you need. If you are a busy company wanting unlimited telephone support and guidance and immediate replies to emails, we charge about £12 per month (£24 for multi-user ABC up to 26 users)..

Minor Software updates are free if you've paid us for Support.

Support and software Updates are only available to registered purchasers of ABC Accounts Software.

Support website

This part of the ABC website is for registered ABC users only (contact us if you can't remember your Password). It allows you to check your Support Status, pay for support or download software updates. (If you have paid for support by cheque or bank transfer, and turn AUTO-UPDATE ON, you do not have to Log In here -- this is just an alternative system for those who prefer to do it manually or pay online).

Software updates

We suggest you set ABC6 to automatically keep itself up to date. (TOOLS MENU > AUTO-UPDATE). Then ABC will check our website each time you start up and if there is any new software, ABC will offer to install this.

For a small charge we can send you an update CD through the post.

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