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Payroll Specification 2019/20

  • Up to 999 Employees, and these can be a mixture of Weekly and Monthly paid.
  • The current Payslip for each employee is stored, and each Pay Day you only have to enter any changes. Many timesaving features for wages calculation.
  • Global change for altering Tax Codes and pension percentages following the Budget.
  • Allows for Student and PostGrad Loan Repayments, Scottish and Welsh Employee Tax Codes, Holiday Pay, Directors NI system, Retired employees (no NI deduction).
  • Retains previous year data files so you can start the new PAYE year, and then finish off the old year (print reports etc) at your leisure.
  • Full Audit Trail and Pay History can be printed.
  • Supports all current tax-codes (including K Codes). Week 1/Month 1 basis.
    Payment of SSP, SMP, SPP, ShPP, SAP, NIC, Pension.
  • Payment by Cash, Cheque. Bank BACS report and CSV file for emailing.
  • Departmental (or Job) Analysis across up to 3 Headings per employee.
  • Printed reports include P45, P60, P30, Payslips, Pay Summary, List of Employees, Cash Analysis, Full Audit Trail, Worksheets, Employee History.
  • ABC TYPING and FILING can be used to design your own Reports, Address Labels, Mail-merge letters, etc (but only if password is known).
  • All reports can be printed on plain paper.
    Payslips can be printed on preprinted forms (can be customised)
  • Password Protected.
  • Optional posting of Payroll summary to ABC Accounts.
  • The Payroll handles RTI, and Employment Allowance, and calculates and stores Pension details.

We keep working to improve our products and this specification is subject to change without notice.

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