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Day to day use of Payroll

Each payday (which can be weekly or monthly) you run the Payroll. The Payslip for each employee will be shown on the screen (only those due to be paid will appear). Because you only need to enter any changes since last Pay Run, running the Payroll is very fast and simple. There are many built-in shortcuts and automatic calculations to help with editing a payslip. Typically it can take just a few seconds per employee.

After going through all the payslips (or you might choose to stop half-way and continue tomorrow) you have the option to print payslips, normally followed by a summary report. Payslips can be printed on payslip forms or on plain paper.

Optional reports available to you are Cash Analysis (shows how many 10, 5 notes, 1, 50p, etc coins are required for each employee paid in cash), List of Cheques required, bank AUTOPAY form. CSV files can be produced that are suitable for the Barclays MasterPay system, or for submitting to your choice of Pension Provider.

You need to immediately submit details to HMRC of employee payments (this is known as Real Time Information -- RTI) so your computer needs to be connected to the interrnet. ABC keeps a record of all the RTI data it sends and receives, and ABC is approved by HMRC.

Once a PAYE Month has been completed, you can print a report to show a Summary of the Month, and to show the amounts payable to the government. Some businesses like to keep details of wages completely separate from the Accounts, and ABC allows you to work like that. However, it also gives you the option to transfer the pay details into ABC Accounts (if you also have that installed).

At the end of the year (or when required), the program can produce all the paperwork such as P45 and P60 forms. Full details of all entries and payments can be printed out on paper so a PAYE inspector or accountant could check everything without needing to use the computer.

In this brief overview we have only mentioned the basic operation of the system. However there are many more features -- see the full specification.  

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