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"how did it all begin?"

Payroll was the very first program (well, the first business program) that Chris Hicks wrote, back in 1979 on a Commodore PET with tape drive (Incidentally, we sold this PET on eBay in 2006 for 50, still in working order.)

Photo of an early PET.

In the past 38 years the Payroll has been rewritten and modified and then rewritten again, usually several times a year. Various programmers have been involved in this work over the years, and I am sure they all feel enriched by the experience.........

As computers have got faster and more powerful the Government has made the PAYE system bigger and more complicated, to slow things down again. One of the toughest programming jobs Chris has done was the utility to connect to the Government website and send Payroll End Of Year returns electronically. This took over 3 months solid hard work and involved learning XML, HTML, SOAP, etc - some very large books were purchased. A few years later implementing RTI was relatively easy. RTI effectively killed off the old ABC5 Payroll (a DOS program). We upgraded anyone still using it to Windows ABC6 Payroll for free.


So much changes in the PAYE and NIC area each year that much of the payroll gets rewritten. The ABC payroll now is only usable for one year, and then needs upgrading for next year. Here are the Payroll Updates notes for 2018-19.


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