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Who is ABC suitable for?

Most users of ABC tend to have grey hair and think that paperwork (and computers) are a necessary evil rather than enjoyable exercise. Many of them tell us they should have retired, but can't afford to stop working (and/or they like the business they are in).

Reviewers may call ABC old-fashioned, but we are happy with that. For goodness sake, ABC even comes with a real User Manual printed on paper, and that is definitely regarded as primitive these days (but we think it's essential).

If you are an accountant, or spend your spare time playing computer games, then ABC may not be your choice of Accounts software. It will do the job, but it won't use any technical "accountant speak" and it doesn't have a flashy interface full of buttons.

However if you just want to get on with running your business (or setting up a new business) ABC should suit you perfectly. Don't take our word for it. See what reviewers on Amazon are saying, and visit the User Forum and check what existing ABC users think (and many of them have been using ABC for 10 years or more), and take a look at some businesses who do their accounts with ABC. And then tryout the free Guided Tour of ABC.

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