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What can ABC do?

Basically, ABC can take care of most of the bookkeeping and paperwork that every small business has to cope with. ABC can calculate and print invoices; look after petty cash; show how much profit you've made so far this year; do a mail shot to selected customers; print labels for all your stock items; print statements for customers; produce a price list; address envelopes; produce cashflow to satisfy the bank manager; print your VAT Return in 1 minute; show you what you have in the bank.


Unless you keep a close eye on your business, and analyse what is happening, your business decisions are just hopeful guesses. The ABC package gives you the information you need; instantly! You then have the confidence that your decisions are based on hard facts.

Less effort

The nice thing about ABC is that you gain the benefits without extra work. Not only does ABC5 make it easier to create invoices, and add up the petty cash, but once you have done this the additional reports and information are available at the press of a button.

More time

With ABC speeding up the production of letters, invoices, VAT Returns, price lists, statements, and most other paperwork, you gain time! Let the computer do the boring tasks while you get back to running your business.

Easy to use

Believe it or not, we found that most small business men or women are not computer experts and don't want to be. That's why we made ABC so easy to use. Some have commented that it is the only accounts package they've tried where an office temp can walk in and start doing invoices without needing training.


For over 20 years we have been helping small businesses to computerise. Many thousands of people are using ABC in a wide variety of companies. Most of the enhancements in this latest version are due to feedback from these users. In effect, it is the users of ABC who have designed the package. That's why ABC works so well in real life.


One of the hidden benefits of ABC is that we've made it expandable. This will allow us to customise and develop the package very easily. Perhaps your trade or profession has special requirements, or maybe your head-office wants you to send your figures over the internet automatically each week. We have already done this sort of thing for some clients.

No jargon

ABC is designed to be used by a relatively unskilled person, and we have tried to avoid use of accountancy "jargon". The emphasis is on the day-to-day running of a business - buying and selling things, and getting money in from customers. This is the reason we tend to call ABC a "bookkeeping" package rather than an "accountancy" package. Beginners could ignore the Balance Sheet, and leave this to their accountant.

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