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Here are some of the more significant changes we've made to ABC6 over recent months. Newest changes at the top of the list.     (Full list of enhancements. Full list of Bugfixes)


ABC has been tested by HMRC and is approved for Making Tax Digital (MTD) VAT Returns.

We can now change the design and layout of your printed Invoices and Statements to anything you require. More information.

ABC has had many behind the scenes changes to make it work better under Windows 10. (Visit the User Forum for tips on how to make Windows 10 itself work better).

The Backup function has been extended and you can now store multiple backups on an external drive or memory stick. Everything gets backed up but if you need to Restore you can select which items you require.

A What's New page has been added to the Updates to explain any bug fixes or enhancements in the update.

You can now choose whether to Show or Hide any "future" transactions (items with a date in a future month). This option will then also be reflected in Sales, Purchase, and Nominal reports.

When ABC starts up it will now automatically try to remap any network drives -- this may overcome the problem of ABC not being able to find the data files if (for example) workstations were switched on before the server.

The Price List report has new options to allow you select which group of prices to show, and whether prices are VAT inclusive or exclusive.

Multi function IMPORT program added to Filing, allows you to import from any CSV (text) file. This is quite a complicated program and you can save your settings in templates for reuse later. We have in mind that people might import lists of customers from another program, or a list of stock prices from a manufacturer or website.

Some pretty new icons have been added to the ribbonbars. They work just the same but maybe easier on the eye.

Purchase Order Processing has been added to the Purchase Ledger. This is an optional module that costs extra, so if you haven't paid for it you will see it greyed out on the Supplier Record card. You can try this out for a month -- ask us for an unlock key.

Customers and Suppliers now have an Email function to easily send a note to that company. You can also email Invoices and Statements.

You can now change the size of most text on the screen. Useful if you've got a small screen and old eyes.

The Stock Record card has many new fields, including Size, Weight, Barcode, and a page for Channel selling (eg. you might sell on your website, eBay and Amazon, perhaps with different product code and price for each).

In all ledgers you can tell ABC not to require you to press the EDIT key before you can change anything. It is safer for beginners to keep the Edit Key requirement, but experts can now simply start typing to change something.

The Customer, Supplier and Nominal Record cards have been improved to give you a window at the bottom of each record showing the transactions for that customer/supplier/heading. You can switch the view to show all history, or only unpaid items.
A Running Total column has been added. This is really clever and still works even though you sort or group the transactions in different ways. We are sure you'll find many uses, but for example you can group sales by month or stock code, and see at a glance the total for each group. Or group purchase transactions by date, in ascending order, and see at a glance how much you owe in the oldest 5 weeks and which items need paying most urgently.

ABC now has an Auto-Update feature. If you turn this ON then ABC will check our website each time you start up, and if there is a newer version available it will offer to install this for you (requires that you've paid for after sales support -- which costs from just a few pounds a month and includes unlimited telephone support).

All businesses are now required to submit VAT Returns online. ABC has been approved by HMRC as being able to do this. You still have to pay the money but now you just need to press a button and ABC will create and submit the VAT Return.

The Bank Statement report now has a Running Balance column. This makes the report look more like your real bank statement

The Text-Print function has been expanded to allow you to send text to a laser or inkjet print (as well as it's original purpose of driving old dot-matrix printers). Ideal for quick labels and envelopes.

ABC insists you keep all old customers and suppliers in the files (so that your audit trails remain intact) but you can mark records as "deleted". You can tell ABC to hide "deleted" customers/suppliers. They will then not be shown on screen, but at the press of a button you can see them again.

The Account Fix function has been improved and can now check and fix even more possible problems. We have to say that ABC6 is so reliable that most people do not even know this function exists.

More details

Besides the above enhancements, updates also contain hundreds of minor changes and bugfixes from the past few years. Full list of enhancements. Full list of Bugfixes.