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Bugs fixed in ABC6

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We aim to fix bugs within a day or two of them being reported to us.


June 2017

  • Several selection buttons in ABC stopped working after the last update due to us missing a few places where the brand new message/menu system should have been used. This was quickly fixed.
  • Payroll posting totals to ABC Accounts sometimes went to the wrong company (only possible if you had multiple companies set up in ABC). We hope this is now sorted; I am sure you will let me know immediately if not.

Apr 2017

  • Sales Invoice layout was altered in v6.505 (April 2017). The customer name and invoice number was now displayed at the bottom of the screen and depending on your screen size could disappear off the screen. This has now been fixed; the items now "float" correctly and adjust to fit any screen size. V6.506 6 May 2017 includes this bug fix.

OCT 2016

  • Users did not like the revised Transfers input, and the Recalc Headings got old entries wrong. So we've put back the original Input Layout (and recalc). And will go back to the drawing board for a new Direct Entries input.
    [TWO WEEKS LATER]: Rewritten Transfers is now in place. This is the best version so far.

SEPT 2016

  • The new Nominal Ledger Transfers posted items with the wrong sign in some circumstances. We've fixed this and also changed the screen layout slightly.
  • When finalising a Sales Invoice occasionally ABC refused to let you continue until you fixed an invalid entry -- even though everything was OK. Clicking on a few different lines got around it. But now we've tracked down the bug and cured it.

Nov 2015

  • It is getting rare these days that anyone finds a genuine bug......

Nov 2015

  • When entering sales invoices it was possible -- though it took great ingenuity -- for you to finalise an invoice with a non-valid Heading Code on a line. Extra validation checks have been added, so hopefully that is now impossible. Go on, try as hard as you like.

Feb 2015

  • CashBook Entry. Sometimes the buttons at the bottom of the screen got the focus rather than the entry line. So pressing RETURN caused the CashBook to Save and Exit. Now fixed.

Jan 2015

  • Sales invoices were limited to 10 lines max after recent changes. We quickly set this back to 199 lines max when it was reported.
  • If ABC could not read the support expiry date from the ABC website it displayed the last date it had stored, on the multi-user version of ABC. We think this is now fixed, but do tell us if you find it not working on your network setup.

May 2014

  • Print Customer History: option to show This Year Only was not working. Now fixed.
  • Payroll: Two items in the 2014-15 Payroll have been fixed.
    - 1. P45 did not print correctly.
    - 2. ABC allowed 30 chrs for Bank Account holder's name. HMRC only allow 28.

Jan 2014

  • At MonthEnd the Heading Current Balance was not updated by future items (unless you clicked RECALC). This has been fixed.

Sept 2013

  • Sales Invoices with more than 99 lines did store details in the files OK but did not print line 100 on paper.
  • Certain combinations of keys and mouse clicks could fool the Invoice Validation and allow non-valid invoice lines to get posted. Hopefully now fixed (but it was so hard to reproduce that we'll hold our breath to see if anyone still manages to do something -- it was extremely rare)

June 2013

  • Right-click on an invoice body when the cursor is just off the invoice lines caused a crash. Quickly fixed.
  • Importing a CSV file into Customers or Suppliers could leave some fields with no data (null). This caused FIND not to work for those records. A new Accounts Fix function has been added which simply puts a blank space into any null fields -- this fixes the problem.

Oct 2012

  • Payroll OSPP reclaim and compensation amounts were not being posted to the ABC Accounts. (the actual Payroll figures were correct). The Update Accounts function has been fixed.
  • Typing Email function now works.

Sept 2012

  • Previous update caused the Remittance Advice PDF not to be attached to the email if you tried emailing remittance Advice note. This has been fixed.
  • After editing Delivery Address in Sales Invoice, the address selection window remained on screen. Now it disappears as it should.

July 2012

  • Purchase Ledger (Supplier) Records not shown on screen. The database was OK, just the screen display had got altered by recent changes. Quickly fixed.

June 2012

  • We changed the Nominal Ledger (Headings) so instead of hiding "future" dated transactions, they were all included in the current balance. ie. Total showed ALL THIS YEAR, instead of YEAR TO DATE. However, some reports like Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet did not get altered to match and still showed title of YTD while actually showing ALL YEAR. Now corrected.
  • Setting Customer option to have all invoices VAT-Inclusive was not being stored. Now ABC will remember your preference and carry it across to all future invoices for that customer.

Mar 2012

  • Sales and Purchase Default Heading Codes were not being used on Invoices and Unpaid Bills. Now this new feature has been fully implemented. The new fields did intially cause ABC to crash when you selected Unpaid Bill or Invoice under certain conditions. This was corrected in v6.372.
  • With Edit Key requirement turned off, the Sales and Purchase Default Heading Codes in the Customer/Supplier record did not get updated as you moved to a new record. Now corrected.

Feb 2012

  • Nobody ever spotted this (except me). Entering a particular combination of characters in an Amount field got formatted by VB as a date instead of a number. Very weird. Anyway it has been corrected.
  • In Purchase Orders a couple of fields were not being stored in the files. Now fixed.

Jan 2012

  • Several small bugs introduced by the major update two days ago have been fixed. v6.366 has no known bugs. Things that were fixed include the unimportant error message during startup, problem with Customers and Suppliers who had lots of transactions, new Stock Records not working if some fields left blank.
  • The FIND entry box became locked after an unsuccessful search (until you clicked somewhere else). Finally we have sorted this out (worked around a bug in the Microsoft Text Box)
  • The Main Menu button occasionally stopped working (ALT+M fixed it). We think this has now been fixed. Because it only happened rarely, it will be a while before we can be sure.
  • The HELP button on the Ribbonbar was not working -- now it is.
  • Typing ALL to specify the Month range for an accounts report did not work as ABC was expecting a number. Now it understands ALL.

Dec 2011

  • The Save Grid Layout function in Filing was not working. Now corrected.
  • Setting the FIND grid fields and column widths (using FILING) did not save the revised file properties. This has been fixed.

Nov 2011

  • Clone Record function in Stock Records fixed.
  • Wages Entry now prevents you making duplicate postings.
  • Stock Item Recalculate button did not always work. Now it does.
  • Purchase Order Report did not show Manufacturer's Code. This has been added.
  • Save Stock Item did not store the new Weight and Size fields. Corrected.

July 2011

  • CashBook entries with VAT Code 4 (EU zero rate). ABC did not allow entries of this type. This has been corrected.
  • Employees with extraordinarily long last names had their name truncated or not printed on the Weekly Pay Summary report in the Payroll. Now ABC will reduce the font size so the long name will be printed OK.

May 2011

  • Purchase Ledger Money Pay. When switching between tab pages the Allocate Grid was not always refreshed on the screen (though the figures were still correct). Now fixed.
  • The Special Used Car Scheme invoices did not print correctly first time (but you could select Reprint and print them). This has been corrected.
  • Sales Allocate grid did not display items in correct date order. (they were sorted by month, but not by day). Now it sorts them correctly.

Feb 2011

  • ABC refused to allow entry of Unpaid Bills that were VAT Only and had a total that was negative (ie Debit Notes with only VAT). Corrected in version 6.331.

Jan 2011

  • After doing last MonthEnd of a year, if you printed Reports or entered transactions before doing the YearEnd, that caused errors. Now at the end of the year just use the YearEnd function (it will also do the MonthEnd) to avoid the problem. This makes ABC a bit more foolproof.
  • Small bugs fixed in the report Designer; eg. it didn't store the Sort Order.
  • Bank Statement report has had two bugfixes:
    -- If you selected ALL records, it crashed.
    -- When printed by Month End routine, opening balance was zero.
    It now works correctly.

Dec 2010

  • Report Generator -- again!!!. We finally nailed a rare problem by finding the particular circumstances that led up to it (in essence, if you did things in a peculiar order you could crash the program. Now sorted).
  • The brand new Bank Statement report showed a running total that just kept increasing and increasing. As you can guess, this was due to payments being added rather than subtracted from the running total. This was fixed within an hour or two of the program being released to testers. (Apologies to those who thought they had suddenly gained millions in their bank account -- the report has now been brought back to earth).

Nov 2010

  • Another bug in the Report Generator. Deleting a Field then using it again gave error. Now resolved.
  • The report Range Selection had an option USE PREVIOUS SETTINGS which was supposed to simply use the ranges of dates and headings you set last time. It did not always work. Now it does.

Oct 2010

  • Online VAT submissions did not allow for VAT Refunds. It does now.
  • The new Report Designer was not complete -- some of the features (eg Calculated fields) were not yet written. Further work has corrected all known problems.

Sept 2010

  • The Purchase Ledger would not allow you to enter an Unpaid Bill that only had negative VAT on it (an unusual situation to be true, but one user needed to do it). Now fixed.

July 2010

  • Recent improvements to the Date Input function meant that dates with a day less than 10 were regarded as not valid -- apologies for this silly error, it was fixed the same day.
  • The Filing Report Designer was not saving layouts correctly. After several attempts we have finally got it working.
  • Rapidly clicking the "Q" (Quick Finish) button multiple times in Sales Invoicing crashed the program. Now ABC will just ignore the extra clicks.
  • Hardly a bug, but the date entry in Unpaid Bills was a bit too helpful and converted 15 Jun 20 into 15 Jun 2020 for you, and then reported the date was not valid. This has been improved. Now you can enter 15 Jun 10 and it will get converted to 15 Jun 2010, but if you enter 15 Jun 20, ABC will now wait for you to complete the date.

June 2010

  • Locked File error when entering Purchase Ledger payments has been corrected.
  • Filing Reports did not save the report layout correctly. Now fixed. (Well actually it wasn't completely -- see July bugfix).

May 2010

  • Print selected lines when viewing File now works.
  • Entry of Stock Adjustments has been made more foolproof.
  • Previous update made calculator stop working. This has been fixed.
  • Entry of VAT-Only unpaid bill did not allow you to finalise entry.

April 2010

  • Payroll Other Companies and Payroll Backup functions did not work since last update a few weeks ago. Now they do.
  • At Month End, Exporting a bunch of reports to PDF did not work. This has been fixed.
  • Payroll PayRun did not work if user did not also have ABC Accounts installed. Now fixed.
  • Unpaid Bill entry insisted on you entering a VAT Code even if you are not VAT Registered. Now it doesn't.
  • When you start up ABC6 it automatically checks and updates the account file layouts. But when you Import data from old ABC5, new file layouts are created. We have now closed a loophole whereby the imported files did not get checked by the startup program.
  • The SpreadSheet has been overhauled and the bugs in Print Preview fixed. Menus and toolbars have been rearranged, and some new functions added.
  • Customer Record in Sales Ledger did not display the History of the first customer shown when you opened the Customer records (as soon as you clicked on a different record it was fine). This has been fixed.

March 2010

  • A very rare bug (if you can call it that) has been found and fixed. It seems it was possible at some time in the past for ABC to lock part of the accounts and then (due to power glitch or crash) not unlock it. With single user versions the result was that the normal ABC File Checking process that occurs each time you start up ABC could not work (though no error message was shown). We have fixed this now by popping up a message when you start ABC if it finds the files locked, to ask if you want ABC to unlock the files.

February 2010

  • Stock price/markup calculations had become disabled following a recent update, and this has been fixed.
  • Purchase Ledger Statements gave an error message. This has been sorted out.
  • Purchase Ledger Allocate now shows items in correct date order
  • Bank Reconciliation date column now sorts correctly.
  • Stock Adjustments made smoother (alright then, we fixed a tiny bug).
  • VAT Return when printed with VAT Audit used to remain in memory. Now fixed.
  • Sort of fixed -- the little quirk when Finding records (where you had to click on the grid before you could re-edit your text) has hopefully been cured by the whole function being rewritten and improved. Now also much faster.

December 2009

  • Payroll report Employee History was displaying the NI in the wrong column. Now corrected in v0910A8.
  • The multiple Delivery Address function in Sales Invoicing has been fixed. Now it works as it should do.
  • When editing an invoice the Delete Line function now works on the first line.

November 2009

  • When using FILING to Edit a file, if you clicked the Close Form box this disabled the SAVE/CANCEL buttons so you could not exit. Now fixed in v6.233.
  • Filing Reports had stopped allowing you to move fields around the screen. While looking at this we decided to completely redo this function and make it prettier and easier to use. We also enhanced the Filing Label Print function at the same time.

October 2009

  • CashBook entries. If you went to add more entries to an existing batch, it was not possible to cursor to a blank line and start typing. Now you can.
  • Year End. One of the options for specifying how to set the Nominal Ledger Opening Balances was not enabled, and two of the other options did the same thing. This has now been sorted out and the whole function given a makeover so it now works properly and looks pretty. The Nominal Ledger opening Balance function has also been overhauled.

September 2009

  • Items entered with 3 or more decimal places in the CashBook were formatted to 2 decimal places on screen, but stored on disk with the 3 or 4 decimals. The Bank Reconciliation program then could not mark those items as reconciled. We've corrected the CashBook and also made the Bank Reconciliation Program accept the 3 or 4 decimal places.
  • VAT Report was not including Exempt VAT items in the audit. This has been corrected.
  • Selecting Print Envelope from the Quick Access toolbar could crash the program. Works OK now.
  • It was not possible to cancel a line in CashBook entry. Now you can right-click mouse on a line and select Delete from pop-up menu.
  • If you (by mistake) entered a non-valid VAT Code in CashBook entry, there was no message to tell you why you could not continue. We've added a message to explain.

August 2009

  • If you had a very early version of ABC6 and then updated to the latest version, your data files should automatically have been converted. Under certain circumstances this did not happen, giving rise to all sorts of errors. Now corrected.
  • Several buttons in the FILING REPORTS section of ABC6 were missing (due to the change to the new user interface). Now restored. The user defined SQL was not stored when you selected SAVE report. Now it will be.
  • Deleting a record after using the FIND function to move to that record, gave a "No current Record" error. Now fixed.
  • After running Month End the "Current Month" indicator at bottom of the screen did not immediately get updated. Now ABC updates it more often.
  • Trying to use Snapshot 10 resulted in a "Array Element does not exist" error.
    This has been corrected.

April 2009

  • The change to the new user interface meant we had to rewrite all the Menus, and one or two items got left out. These have now been reinstated, and include Bank Reconciliation, Stock IN and OUT.
  • When adding new Headings the Heading TYPE did not get set correctly. This had little effect except in N/L Opening Balances where it was not possible to set the Balance for those Headings. Now fixed. And the Month End routine will automatically correct any Headings added previously.
  • The figures at the bottom of the Bank Reconciliation had the signs the wrong way around. Unreconciled items should have been deducted from the bank total instead of added to it. Now fixed.
  • During the previous update an item got left off the main menu so that function appeared to have vanished. (We changed it to a different place on the menu but forgot to include the new menu in the update -- sorry. The latest update fixes this.)
  • Bank reconciliation was not working properly. When you clicked SAVE, not all the settings were remembered. This has been sorted out as part of a general enhancement of the function. The print feature now shows all the figures.
  • Not really a bug, but a side-effect of installing the new ABC6 Payroll. If your ABC6 accounts and Payroll were different versions, one or the other would stop working. We have now sorted this out.
  • Using FILING Global Change, if you left the first field name blank, ABC added the word "error" to the contents of the field you were changing. Of course we soon fixed that.
  • Under some circumstances the Month End screen locked up. Now cured it.
  • Sales Invoicing where Customer is over their Credit Limit and you select Cancel the Invoice. This resulted in an endless loop. Now it is fixed.
  • The yellow notes (that you can use to leave your own notes on any screen in ABC6) have a "Wipe" function to clear the note, but when you Saved the blank note the previous message was saved instead. Now fixed.
  • The Record LOCKED box was moved to the first page of the Customer Record card for easier access, but we forgot to set the permission to allow you to tick/untick this box. Now done.
  • Editing the Notes tab page of Customer Record cards produced an error message. This recently introduced bug has now been fixed.
  • The Supplier record card Balance field only showed the unpaid invoices on their account, and just ignored any unallocated money. We have told it not to ignore this in future and now the Balance you see will be accurate.
  • The Stock Sales report had a column labeled Quantity, but this foolishly showed the number of invoices instead of the number of Stock Items -- of course this has now been corrected. To show the full detail that some users have asked for required a change to the File Structures, and this has now been done.
  • Importing data from old ABC5. Recently introduced bug did not set the next free Customer Account Number correctly, so adding a new Customer could cause crash. Oops!. Sorry about that. Now fixed.
  • Editing a report Layout in Filing and then saving it under a different name would overwrite the original report. A new Menu Option has been added -- SAVE AS NEW REPORT -- to clarify this.
  • Sales and Purchase Ledger Audit Trail reports show summary of Analysis Heading movements excluding VAT at the end of the report. This figure had the VAT deducted twice by mistake. Now fixed.
  • The Bank Statement report printed as part of the Month End did not select a bank account (Analysis Heading) and hence it printed nonsense. Now it defaults to Bank Account 1 (Heading 8411)
  • Not really a bug, but if you had a certain combination of Windows screen resolution and font size, the Customer Record card gave an error when you went to the Sales Ledger. This has been fixed quickly. But we shall continue looking at this and will probably change things again over the next few weeks to make ABC look prettier on various size screen and settings.
  • Bank Reconciliation date was one month out -- ie if you asked to see everything after August 1st, you actually got September. It now works correctly.
  • Statements containing a few items would unnecessarily go on to a second page -- this has been corrected. And some of the options for controlling Statements did not actually do anything - now they work as they should.
  • SpreadSheet special formula (link to Headings File) had stopped working. Now fixed.
  • Not really a bug -- the Help System did not contain all the information about Purchase Ledger. Now it does. Enjoy reading it.
  • Cosmetic improvement to VAT-Only printed sales invoices.
  • Bank Reconciliation allowed you to "tick" items for reconciliation, but did not actually store these details. All works properly now.
  • When producing a Sales Invoice, if you typed "n" as the VAT Code this was not accepted, but typing "N" was OK. Now fixed.