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Network (multi-user) software

As your business grows larger, it may be useful to allow more than one person to access the Accounts at the same time. This can be done by using a network system. The ABC database is stored on one central computer (we call this the "server"), and other computers ("workstations") can connect to this (using cables or WiFi) so that everyone is working on the same database. The multi-user version of ABC on each computer allows several people to view the data at the same time, but (for example) prevents more than one person editing a customer record at any one time (by "locking" that customer record during the edit).

Networking software is built into Windows, and most computers include a network card and/or WiFi card. It is therefore usually quite easy to connect the computers together (typically via a central "hub"). The ABC Network Manual has instructions for setting up the network to allow ABC workstations to access the server database.

Multi-user ABC works with any combination of Windows 7, 8, XP, etc.
Cable connections are faster and more reliable than WiFi.
No need for a dedicated "server" computer; just use one of the workstations as the server.

Limitations: Up to 200 users, maximum database size 2Gb.

Read the ABC Network Manual

Technical notes: ABC and the JET database engine


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