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Frequently Asked Questions

For the latest hints and tips, and advice on using Windows 8, network installation, etc,
visit the free ABC User Forum.

ABC6 Menu button stops working

    Very occasionally the large round Menu button in ABC6 just stops working (Don't double-click it as that will close the program). Press ALT-M to get the button working again.

Backup function does not show all drives or USB sticks

    When you go into the Backup function, ABC scans your computer and displays a list of all suitable drives it finds attached to this computer for you to choose from. Therefore, BEFORE you go into the Backup function, plug in the USB memory stick or make sure any external drives are switched on, or that a suitable blank DVD is already in the DVD drive.

ABC6 will not start up

    You click the desktop icon but ABC6 will not run. This probably caused by ABC6 already being in the computer memory and therefore thinking that it does not need to load the program again. (this should not happen but occasionally it does). To fix this, call up the Task Manager (CTRL - ALT - DEL) and look for ABC6 in the list of Processes or Applications -- if it is there, highlight the line and select END PROCESS.

ABC6 reports "Automation Error" or "Cannot create ActiveX....."

    Usually this indicates one of the computer files used by ABC is missing or a different version number, or is not registered correctly with Windows. Going to our website and running the latest update will normally fix all such problems.


    If you just have a single computer but get a message similar to the above the likely cause is that you have opened more than one copy of ABC5 (possibly by accident). Exit from ABC5, and then look at the Windows TASK BAR (bottom of your screen normally). If you find that ABC5 is still there, then that is the other copy of ABC5 that was causing the warning message.
    You should NOT have more than one copy of ABC5 open at a time.


Customer/Supplier Record remains "Locked"

    ABC allows several functions (or workstations in a multiuser version) to view a Customer Record at the same time, but only one is allowed to INVOICE that customer at a time. To indicate to ABC that a customer is currently being invoiced, ABC puts a marker on the Record Card of that Customer record. When the invoice is completed, ABC removes the marker.

    If you have a problem, eg power goes off or computer crashes while customer is being invoiced, the marker can be left in the record -- and will prevent you from invoicing that Customer in future; giving you the message that this "Customer is Locked".

    The solution is simply to edit that Customer Record, and remove the marker.
    With ABC6 just untick the "Locked" box.
    With ABC5 remove the "X" from Options Field on Page 2 of their Record Card.

    Make sure there really is nobody else invoicing them before you do this.


Problems with Printing in ABC5

    Most problems reported recently relate to ABC5 not working correctly with Windows printers. An upgrade for ABC5 is now available that enables ABC to use any Windows printer, and hopefully overcomes all those problems. An even better solution is to change to ABC6.

Delay in ABC5 before printing starts appearing on paper

    Nothing to do with ABC5, this nearly always is due to the setting of your Windows or Network print spooler. (Print Manager). You can adjust the properties of the printer in Windows to reduce the delay, or even select DOS PRINTING DIRECT TO PRINTER.

Printer feeds lots of blank pages or locks up ABC5, when you print something.

    Common with Invoices or Statements, particularly when you first start using ABC5 after importing data from an earlier version. The problem is that you have the LINES PER PAGE set too low.  Set it to a higher figure (eg. 66 is a good starting point):
         Printer Menu > OPTIONS > LINES PER PAGE.

Transactions you have entered do not appear on Daybook report

    Typically this is due to the DATE of the item. eg if you enter some Money Received in June, but your Accounting Month is May, then when you print reports for the current Month (May) those June items will not be included. As soon as you run the Month End routine, those items will then appear again.

    To check if this is the case, most reports include an option to Print ALL items (ie. print everything in the file, irrespective of the date).

If you have a power failure while using ABC5 !!

    Best thing to do is run the ABC5 Accounts Fix utility. This performs a comprehensive cross-check of all your accounts files, and can fix many common problems. It also can print out on paper a report showing any problems it finds, and this is very useful to show to any support person whom you contact for help.
         Accounts Menu > UTILITIES > ACCOUNTS FIX

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