New -- Ability to correct previous entries

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New -- Ability to correct previous entries

Postby abctech on Tue Sep 04, 2018 4:41 pm

We are nearing completion of a new feature that users have been requesting. The ability to look at transactions you've entered a week or two previously and CHANGE them.

The main design aim of ABC is to make it "foolproof" to use, and stop you from doing anything that is not proper accounting practice. The first release of this new function will allow you to change (edit or even delete) any transaction that is still within the current accounting month (and VAT period). To try and prevent fraud, this function will require that you log-in, and then details of the changes are written to a "changes audit" along with a note of the person making the change.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. As always, it is you -- the user of ABC -- that determines the features of the program.
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